Story of the crossing of the Pyrenees by two walkers
via the
Pyrenean High Level Route (HRP)
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Yves was born in 1945 in South West of France, near to Rodez (Aveyron). He lived in several regions of France before settling down permanently in Niort in 1976. He was an engineer in data processing area. Now, he is retired.
Yves discovered the mountains when he was 30 and he learned skiing much later. During these last 30 years, he has tried to make up for lost time, by climbing, hiking and going cycling in the Alps and the Pyrenees.
During the HRP trek, he was looking out for flora and fauna, and he tried to be the interpreter with English-speaking and Spanish-speaking people.

Philippe POUSSOU.

Philippe was born in 1934 in Niort ( Deux-Sèvres ), a town located near La Rochelle, between Nantes and Bordeaux. He lived there during 40 years before settling down nearby, in the country. Former clockmaker, he became a restorer of ancient objects for museums.

Since he was a young man, Philippe has gone all over the mountains, yesterday climbing, to-day hiking and skiing. He is also fond of potholing. He has specialized in the study of underground rivers. He discovered and explored two subterranean streams in the proximity of Niort, and he is still working to open the access to a third one. Of course, during the HRP trek, he was the teacher for mineralogy and geology.

To translate his own feelings, he likes writing poems. Some of them can be found on this website, inside the trek story.

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Site production : Yves FOULQUIER.
Story texts :Yves FOULQUIER and Philippe POUSSOU.
Poems : Philippe POUSSOU.
English translation : Susan BURGESS.